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"Don't Miss... The Scary Loud"!

Full-length Album out on Spotify, Apple Music,

and wherever else you get your music.

Full-Length Album Out!



-August 9th - The Doc Ellis, Toronto, ON

-September 20th - Heart of Gold Fest - Timmins, ON 


"Don't Miss... The Scary Loud"!



Check out the videos for "Can't Quit Drugs"

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Who Are These Idiots?

"The Scary Loud" is a Toronto-based band that uniquely combines loud and heavy guitars with gleefully poppy melodies, and dark, sad, lyrics sung with desperate attitude and pretty harmonies, creating a unique and boundary-breaking sound. Formed by music producer Scotty Komer, known for his work with punk, hardcore, and rock bands (Silverstein, Protest the Hero), The Scary Loud embraces a “I’m bored, fuck what bands are supposed to be like" attitude that challenges norms, is soaked in humour, and lives life on its own terms. With their engaging live performances, dark and challenging lyrics, and a penchant for pushing boundaries, they have established themselves as a unique band that has sparks the unique, kinda-shitty butterfly in all of us.

Born from the spirit of punk and hardcore, The Scary Loud evolved into a band that defies categorization. Their sound, reminiscent of pop punk and power pop bands like Weezer, merges loud, heavy guitars with infectious pop melodies and harmonies. Picture a sweater rock band that suddenly got cool and decided to live without fear of consequences, embracing a rebellious spirit that extends beyond traditional notions of rebellion. The vibe of an emo band that decided to get drunk and high, and went out to play chicken at 200kms on their vintage motorcycles, buzzing from just taking in a Wes Anderson marathon.


The band's debut album, "Don't Miss... The Scary Loud," is a testament to their explosive sound and fearless approach. With loud, heavy guitar tones that are normally reserved for the productions of a heavy rock or metal album, The Scary Loud instead infuses these elements into upbeat, major-key arrangements, creating an energetic, but ear-wormy sonic experience. Scotty Komer's lead vocals and Big-Muff-through-a-Marshall-stack guitar chords drive the band's sound, while Connor Lovat-Fraser's bass and harmonies add depth and intensity. Joe Baldasio's lead guitar adds layers of melody that are simultaneously sweet-sounding and pissy, while Matt McCausland's thundering drums anchor the chaos and make listeners want to dance like sugared-up children.

The Scary Loud's live shows are a spectacle of self-deprecating humour, and boundary-pushing antics. The band embraces a vibe that’s more stand-up comedy than “just be awesome” rock band, with banter involving interactive moments between each other and individual audience members. They push the limits of live-show taboos, incorporating sketch-comedy-inspired scenarios, staged fights between members, faux mental breakdowns, or faked beef with supporting bands or audience members— all of it off-the-cuff, and often taking up as much set time as their actual songs. This unorthodox approach creates a unique and engaging experience for members of the audience.


Beneath the poppy melodies and energetic sound, The Scary Loud tackles dark and uncomfortable themes in their lyrics. Their songs explore subjects that defy the band's seemingly cheerful sound, with no fear of using strong language or addressing uncomfortable topics. Tracks like "The Rumour's True," which delves into the disturbing past of a high school groundskeeper, showcase the band's willingness to challenge societal norms and confront difficult subjects head-on. But consider it more apathy than bravery. You may find yourself bopping your head to a catchy melody and not even realize that its sung to a somewhat unsettling lyric. Once becoming familiar with the band’s body of work, one can’t help but to feel like that manipulation of the listener is exactly the driving force behind Scotty’s song writing.


The Scary Loud's music and stage presence epitomize a spirit of sonic liberation. Their refusal to conform to expectations of a “professional” rock band, and their fearless exploration of dark themes and unconventional stage antics make them something that stands out in the music industry or at any given show. Their music resonates with fans who seek an escape from the confines of traditional underground genres, and appreciate a band unafraid to push boundaries and challenge rock band cliches. The are simultaneously a band for people who like darker music, but can’t help but to allow themselves to secretly bop along to a pop melody, as well as a band for people who like a pop song, but who long for more attitude, depth and tragedy.

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